what is happiness to you?


Blank surfboards


Blank surfboards

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Murmeltier (by Katharina Hvalur)
DMV update, 8:58am

I fucking made it.

DMV update, 8:47am

Lady behind the desk to guy: “This is all wrong.”

Hurry the fuck up. I’m one person away from escaping this misery. Haha.

DMV update, 8:26am

I feel heat. I’m in the door!!!!


The Zenit 11 is a russian solidly-built camera with essentially the same Leica type cloth shutter as earlier Soviet rangefinder and SLR cameras. Produced: 1981-1990

DMV update, 8:14am

I’m still in line but according to Facebook I just found out that there’s a sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire in the works. Not confirmed is if Robin Williams will be in it.

What’s the goddamn point then?

Also…line moved!

DMV update, 8:11am

Still in line. I can see the door. It’s fucking cold out here.



SCALPED - SF Music Collective 2 Year Anniversary - 4/16/14 - Submission Art Space

This band blew people away. Don’t sleep on them.

When I am not out looking for snakes, this is what I do.